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Establishing Paternity in St. Charles

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Matters of family law and divorce can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially when you are forced to establish paternity in a legal matter. At Smith Law Offices, LLC, our St. Charles family law attorneys represent clients who are dealing with issues of paternity, from matters of child support and custody to adoption and visitation rights.

We understand just how uncomfortable it can be to have a family law attorney tell you that you need to establish the paternity of a child. With 25+ years of combined experience, we are here to help you establish your legal rights or hold the other parent of your child accountable.

What Circumstances Warrant a Paternity Test?

Establishing legal paternity may be required under the following circumstances:

  • To compel the parent to provide child support
  • To petition for child custody
  • To request visitation rights

In order to reach any of the above goals, you must legally establish your place as a parent. Whether you are trying to determine who the father of your child is, or you are a father hoping to prove your paternity, we are here to address your concerns and provide you with solid legal counsel. When you reach out to our St. Charles family law lawyer, you can rest assured that we work to provide you with the highest quality representation.

Before you take any legal action, call Smith Law Offices, LLC for a consultation!

Searching for a St. Charles Family Lawyer for Your Case?

If you are seeking to obtain your legal rights as a parent, you may have to endure a complex legal battle. It is important to realize that establishing your paternity will completely change your rights and responsibilities. You can rely on us to handle your case with compassion and diligence, as we have spent years working personally with families all throughout Missouri.

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