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Some couples may find it is necessary to bring their divorce case to court to resolve their case. Understandably, very little can match the stress and frustration of a heated divorce.

It may seem like a battle, with both sides armed with attorneys, becoming more of a face-off rather than a civil exchange between you and your spouse. We often encourage our clients to consider collaborative divorce as an alternative to traditional divorce.

At Smith Law Offices, LLC, our goal is to ensure our clients achieve results. We can help protect your finances and ensure that your future is well-taken care of.

How Can Uncontested Divorce Help Your Case?

Uncontested divorce may prove to have many benefits for couples. The couple can benefit from greater communication with one another instead of glossing over topics or becoming embroiled in a bitter argument. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult with our St. Charles uncontested divorce lawyer if you have any questions about uncontested divorce practices.

These are some additional benefits of uncontesteddivorce:

  • Less time-consuming and more cost-effective
  • Couples avoid going to court, which can save even more money
  • The divorce process can be finalized much more quickly
  • Allows the couple more of a chance to customize the terms of their divorce

Nowadays, couples are relying on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as uncontested divorce, to resolve their differences. The spouses and their respective attorneys sit down and discuss their divorce. They may also call upon therapists, divorce coaches, and other counselors to lend some insight into the matter.

How Do Uncontested Divorces Work?

In most uncontested divorces, the parties work together to draft and sign a divorce agreement detailing terms for the divorce and divorce-related processes (property division, child custody and support, and alimony) that they've agreed on. If the parties aren't in complete agreement on terms for their divorce, they can't file for a contested divorce.

One party, the petitioner, can file a petition for divorce with their local court. The divorce documents include the petitioner's proposed terms for the divorce, their reasons for filing, details about the marriage, and more.

The petitioner must then serve their spouse, the respondent, with a notice of the divorce. If the respondent fails to file a response with the court, the court can move forward with the divorce after a certain amount of time. Assuming the petitioner filed for divorce using the terms established in the divorce agreement, this is one way that parties can obtain an uncontested divorce in Missouri.

Alternatively, parties can also choose to file a joint petition that both sign. This petition states that the parties are in complete agreement concerning the terms for their divorce and typically includes the divorce agreement the spouses have drafted. Filing a joint petition enables the court to move forward with the divorce without taking other steps commonly associated with the divorce process, such as requesting that the petitioner serve the respondent or issuing temporary orders.

Divorces that start out contested can transition into uncontested divorces over time if the parties can negotiate terms for the divorce while the case is still being processed.

Our attorneys can help you navigate your uncontested divorce, working with you to pursue an equitable, amicable resolution to your marriage.

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