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I Started the Divorce Process Can I Still Hire an Attorney?
I Started the Divorce Process Can I Still Hire an Attorney?

You started your divorce process without an attorney feeling confident you could represent yourself because neither of you had kids and you both had few assets. As the dust clears, you realize you might be in over your head. While you have the right to represent yourself ...

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  • 5 Essential Tips for Surviving Work During Divorce

    We’ve all had company meetings where a Human Resources associate or other executive mentions your company culture is one where you check your problems ...

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  • What Should I Do with My Wedding Ring After a Divorce?

    When couples are faced with a divorce, it is often the little things that aren’t thought about or considered until later. It is easy to remember to ...

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  • 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

    When it comes to divorce , it is imperative to choose the best lawyer for the proceedings to protect your rights and best interests. However, what do ...

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  • Helping Your Children Deal with Your Divorce

    Divorce can be an incredibly difficult time for a child. Suddenly, everything they have known is changed—their family dynamic, where they live, when ...

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  • Dividing Debt in Divorce

    Along with the division of property and debt, divorce also requires the distribution of debt. However, unlike deciding who gets the flat screen ...

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  • How to Give a Proper Deposition in Your Divorce Case

    A deposition entails providing a verbal testimony under oath, often in front of a court reporter. Attorneys take depositions to gather information, ...

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  • When Does Alimony End in Missouri?

    The purpose of spousal maintenance is to limit any negative economic effects the divorce may inflict on the party who earns less money or doesn’t have ...

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  • Changes in Missouri Visitation Laws Favor Shared Parenting

    Effective at the beginning of August, new changes to mandatory child custody and visitation provisions in Missouri allow children to spend equal time ...

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  • 3 Most Common Divorce Myths

    Divorce can be a dark and emotional time for many people; their future is uncertain, their finances in flux and their family changing. During this ...

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