5 Essential Tips for Surviving Work During Divorce

We’ve all had company meetings where a Human Resources associate or other executive mentions your company culture is one where you check your problems at the door. What do you do when you simply can’t leave your home-life at the door? Developing a separate headspace for work and home is easier said than done. In this blog, our St. Charles divorce lawyer explores five essential tips to help you get through your workday during a divorce.

1.Take a Break: During your divorce, there will be times when you need to walk away from the office. Whether your escape is a quick trip to the bathroom stall, a walk around the block or an extra coffee from the coffee shop downstairs in the middle of the day, you should take the time away you need to regroup.

2.Have an Answer Prepared: Often it seems no matter how discreet you are people in the office talk. If you are asked about your current marital status or your divorce, it is best not to share every detail or you could get over emotional and it might be hard to focus for the rest of the workday. Try working out a polite, simple prepared answer.

3.Create a Positive Environment: With depression, anxiety and stress pulling you down, it’s easy for your desk to become a chaotic, messy environment. Working in a cluttered, chaotic space that reflects the state of your mind, can make it difficult to focus on work. Take some time at either the beginning or end of your day to clear your desk and create a peaceful calming environment. If you have family photos hung around your workspace, consider replacing them with landscapes that make you feel calm.

4.Talk to Human Resources: Talk to your HR representative about any employee programs in place to help you manage the stress of your divorce. Often employee programs that help people cope with stress, depression or loss. Take advantage of these programs.

5.Block Incoming Messages about Your Divorce: Nothing is worse than receiving stressful text messages or emails while trying to focus on your job. If your ex is messaging you during work hours, consider placing their text message chain on Do Not Disturb. If they are emailing you, create a separate folder for him or her that skips the inbox entirely.

At Smith Law Offices, LLC, we understand how difficult divorce can be, which is why we strive to provide compassionate, individualized legal solutions designed around the needs of you and your family. Our St. Charles divorce lawyers are focused on helping you through the complexities of family law. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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