Missouri has a growing immigrant population. As with much of the country, immigration to the state has fluctuated over the years as international circumstances have changed. Keep reading for more updates and reports on immigration in Missouri.


In Missouri, immigration is growing in thanks to the increase in admittance from Mexico. The Remain in Mexico policy has ended, which means thousands of immigrants from the southern border are now officially allowed into the country. Additionally, state benefits for work-based visas have been expanded which opens up the doors of opportunity for many seeking employment or educational pursuits.

According to research:

  • 4% of MO residents are immigrants
  • 4% of all residents are native-born citizens with at least one immigrant parent
  • The top countries of origin are Mexico, China, India, ,Vietnam, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Half of all immigrants are naturalized citizens
  • More than four out of five immigrants reported high English literacy
  • Three in seven adult immigrants have a college degree or higher
  • Almost 35,000 citizens live with at least on undocumented family member
  • 3,000 DACA recipients reside in MO
  • 164,394 immigrant workers participate in the local economy
  • At least 24,605 of those migrants work in healthcare and social assistance
  • 8% of all immigrant workers in MO work in manufacturing
  • Overall, immigrants have contributed over $1.9 billion in federal taxes
  • Immigrants have also contributed approximately $790.8 million in state and local taxes
  • Missouri residents in immigrant households hold $6.8 billion in spending power
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs account for over 5% of all self-employed business owners
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs account for 14% of all business owners in Kansas City alone
  • Immigrants generate over $397.7 million in business income

Pursue Immigration Status in Missouri

If you are a migrant seeking opportunities in the United States, our MO attorneys can help. We can build a case on your behalf and help you apply for permanent or temporary status.

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