Adoption is complicated for most couples, but especially for LGBTQIA+ parents. Depending on the adoption agency and the state’s laws regarding the matter, the process may take years or it may not happen at all. Below are FAQs regarding adoption laws, LGBTQIA+ adoptions, and more.

How Is LGBT Adoption Different?

Private adoptions are a common avenue for many hopeful LGBTQIA+ parents. Private agencies operate similarly to private schools in that they are not governed by federal or state law as thoroughly. Because of this, they can choose which parents are eligible for adoption. Unfortionately, this means that LGBTQIA+ parents are often denied.

Is LGBT Foster Adoption Different?

Foster care adoption is different from private or open adoption. In many cases, LGBTQIA+ foster adoptions are preferred and many consider same-sex parents to be optimal candidates for adoption.

How Does International Adoption Work for LGBTQIA+ Parents?

International adoption is complicated for a number of reasons from international laws to conflicting diplomatic relations. Unfortunately, heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ parents face a difficult road ahead when adopting from another country. However, for LGBTQIA+ parents, countries that are hostile to gay rights may not allow adoptions to occur.

What Happens at a Home Study?

Parents who are pursuing an adoption may undergo a home study. Home studies allow adoption officials to evaluate the child’s potential home for safety. During a home study, parents must allow the evaluator to explore their home, ask questions, and submit any necessary documents to support their eligibility.

Are Wait Times Longer for LGBTQIA+ Parents?

Adoption takes time, often a year or more to be completed. These wait times vary for different reasons that have very little to do with the sexual orientation of the parents. Wait times may be because of complications, financial issues, and slow processing.

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