Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is at the center of a discussion over the future of immigration in the United States. Keep reading for more information.

Attorney General Schmitt

The Missouri Attorney General spoke before the U.S. Supreme Court about lawsuit between the Texas Attorney General and the Biden administration over the remain in Mexico policy. The Trump-era police forced immigrants crossing the southern border to turn around and wait in Mexico for their asylum hearing.

Remain in Mexico has forced thousands of immigrants to form camps with horrible conditions and little food or water to wait for weeks or months for their hearings with no end in sight. Additionally, the threat of violence from cartels has jeopardized their safety and could in turn jeopardize the policy that put them there.

Attorney General Schmitt shares the Texas Attorney General’s concerns about the situation at the border. Historically, he has taken a hardline stance against immigration reform and fears that the continued onslaught of migrants could bring other forces into play. Attorney General Schmitt spoke of his concerns over the rise of fentanyl addiction and the possibility that more of it could cross the border along with the migrants who were told to stay there.

He told the Supreme Court, “The amount of fentanyl that’s coming across the border, the drug cartels are running the show, they’re in charge.”

In many ways, he considers Missouri a proxy in the war on immigration reform and believes that the state plays a significant role in the debate. So, what is the truth?

The Reality of Remain in Mexico

The remain in Mexico policy is a dangerous one especially during a time when migrants at the border are growing in number thanks to the war in Ukraine, natural disasters, and global economic distress. Leaving thousands of people to fend for themselves in no-mans land does invite hardship and violence that puts their lives at risk.

Threats and extortion from cartels do occur but it’s important to understand that whether fentanyl enters the country or not is no concern of asylum seekers awaiting their hearing. The issue at hand that many lawmakers and advocates are concerned about is that the lawsuit over ending the policy is led by one state with interests that conflict with boarder crossing.

U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar pointed out that the issue with the lawsuit is that a single district court in Texas is managing the negotiations. She said, “This is not how our constitutional structure is supposed to operate.”

What Happens Now

Whether Missouri continues to be caught in the ongoing debate over the Remain in Mexico policy remains to be seen, but its clear that the issues plaguing the immigration system will not be going away any time soon.

For now, those seeking asylum must advocate for themselves and seek help from experienced legal professionals. In many cases, they were cast out or fled their home countries and their current situation is outside of their control. As safety concerns continue to grow, its vital that asylum seekers and refugees seek help from qualified attorneys.

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee, contact Smith Law Offices, LLC immediately. Our skilled attorneys can advocate for you during this uncertain time.

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