With a new administration in the White House, it stands to reason that 2020 could be yet another tumultuous year for immigration law. Today, we're exploring what changes we may see as the year unfolds and explore a proposed immigration bill President Biden recently sent to Congress.

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A New Roadmap to Citizenship

One of the most noteworthy parts of the Biden Administration's proposed immigration bill are the changes it proposes to earning citizenship for immigrants.

Undocumented individuals would have the opportunity to apply for temporary legal status. If they can pass criminal national background checks and pay their taxes, they can then apply for a green card after five years of residency.

These adjustments would also make Dreamers, TPS holders, and immigrant farmworkers immediately eligible for green card applications without the five-year residency period.

Additionally, the bill proposes changes that would eliminate discrimination on immigration applications based on religion and limits the ability of future presidents to issue immigration bans.

Visa Changes

In another blog this month, we discussed how the Trump administration implemented a multitude of visa changes throughout 2020. Biden's bill seeks to reset the counter on visas by clearing visa backlogs, recapturing unused visas, and enabling U.S. graduates to stay in the country more easily, among other changes.

Supplement Border Resources

In an effort to provide immigrants who cross the border with better treatment and protect border communities, the bill also allocates a significant amount of resources to border communities and ports of entry. From technology to new procedures for protecting border communities, these changes could impact U.S. borders significantly.

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