Witnesses & Custody Cases - Leveraging Witnesses During Custody Disputes

Custody battles are frequently an immensely stressful time for co-parents. If you want to get the best outcome in your case, you may want to consider using expert witnesses to support your case. Understanding what types of witnesses could support you can help you get optimal results for your child.

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How Do Expert Witnesses Interact with the Court?

It's important to note that courts are not beholden to the advice or evidence given to them by expert witnesses.

However, expert witnesses - at least, credible ones - will often be known to attorneys and judges alike, and their input is typically highly valued. Having an expert witness can sometimes make the difference between getting an ideal outcome in your case or being forced to settle for a suboptimal one.

Child Psychologists

Child psychologists are perhaps the most common type of expert witness in custody cases. An accredited child psychologist can help contextualize a wide range of custody-related issues for the court.

For example, if you believe your child's other parent represents a danger to them or provides your child with an unsafe environment, and should not be awarded custody, a child psychologist can help you support those assertions to the court.

By speaking to children and parents, and observing how the parties interact with each other in neutral environments, a psychologist can provide the court with an expert opinion on what kind of custody arrangement would be best for a child.


Pediatricians, or child doctors, can also be fantastic expert witnesses for parents during custody cases.

A central point of contention for parents in custody battles is often how they intend to distribute health-related expenses, such as insurance premiums.

If your child has a medical condition that impacts their life, a pediatrician or similar type of medical expert could help gather evidence showing proof of that condition, and develop a treatment plan to show the court what kind of environment and healthcare that child needs to thrive. This evidence could be invaluable in ensuring your child has their needs taken care of by both parents.

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