Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of practice and, as such, it is generally wise not to field these types of matters on your own. You can seek help from an attorney in any state, no matter what country you live in, since U.S. immigration law is federal. Hiring an attorney for the immigration matters you are facing can not only increase your chances of successfully achieving your goal, but it can also save you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation.

Here are some scenarios in which it would be immensely beneficial for you to hire an immigration attorney:

  • You are unsure about your eligibility for a green card or another type of immigration benefit
  • You would like to request a type of discretionary relief, such as asylum or a waiver, that could persuade immigration authorities to make an exception or offer benefits that it might not otherwise provide to an applicant with your circumstances
  • You are in need of emergency assistance with an immigration matter
  • You were notified that you have been deported from the U.S. and would like to apply to return
  • You are applying for an investment-based visa
  • Your immigration application was refused or denied
  • You are planning on moving to the U.S. to work for a U.S. employer who has not assisted you with the process of immigration
  • You reviewed the application process and are unsure how to proceed with the number of forms and documents that are required

Of course, there are many other reasons why you might require the assistance of an immigration attorney. If you are unsure of an immigration matter you are currently facing, contact an attorney as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary hurdles or mistakes throughout this process.

Immigration Attorney in St. Charles

At Smith Law Offices, LLC, our skilled immigration attorneys in St. Charles have more than 20 years of combined experience, which we will put to use for any immigration issue you are facing. Our legal team can help guide you through the immigration process, step-by-step, so turn to us for help to avoid the risk of making mistakes with your immigration matter.

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