Getting a divorce can be a complex process, especially when it comes to the division of property. While all of your marital property will end up on the chopping block, your separate property will remain untouched. Inheritances and anything you owned prior to the marriage is generally considered separate property, but if you and your soon-to-be ex are not on the same page, there might be some debate and things can get tricky. However, under no circumstances should you ever opt to hide marital assets in an attempt to hold onto them. Instead of risking the penalties associated with such illegal behavior, read the following tips and tricks regarding property division.

  • Hire a mediator: In some states, this is a requirement, but even if it is not, hiring a mediator can help get you through some tough negotiations and avoid the time-consuming hassle of divorce litigation.
  • Try not to fight over the little things: It can be difficult to give up on small sentimental pieces like a favorite piece of art or furniture, but haggling over smaller items that might not mean much in the long run and will only make this harder and take up more of your time, ultimately costing you. If you are going to fight for an asset, make sure it is worth the trouble and can actually contribute to your future in a meaningful way.
  • Educate yourself: While you should feel free to ask your divorce attorney any questions or for clarity on issues you do not understand, it would also be wise to educate yourself and to familiarize yourself with how the courts handle issues relating to property and asset division. Why sit back when you can take an active role in your own case?

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