Missouri courts can issue legal separation for married couples that theoretically ends their relationship though does not necessarily mean that marriage is dissolved. In the eyes of the law, the couple is still married, but this gives the couple time to work on issues that might crop up in the event of a divorce. These matters include parenting roles, financial matters, and ownership of debts or properties.

These are some of the most common issues involved in legal separation:

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Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

The primary reason a couple would choose legal separation is so that they can stay married but have time to decide on important issues that would arise in a divorce. Some couples need to stay married for various reasons, such as religion, insurance, military benefits, or other reasons. It also leaves the door open to the possibility of reconciliation between the couple.

Remember, however, that legal separation is not the equivalent of a divorce. While the spouses can live separately, you are still married and are held to all of the rights and obligations of a marriage partner. Legal separation still allows you to protect your interests as a married couple.

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