Since the start of the Russian/Ukrainian war, thousands of Ukrainians have fled the country in search of refuge and safety. As the war has expanded outward, more refugees are looking across the seas for help. As a result, the number of Ukrainian refugees in the United States has grown exponentially. Keep reading to learn more.

Facts and Figures

The number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in the United States has reached over 483,000. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved half of these applications so far. Countries closer to the conflict like Poland have seen a far greater influx of refugees with numbers totaling in the millions. Poland alone has welcomed over 1.5 million refugees since the war began.

Among other European countries, the number of refugees is as follows:

  • Italy: 173,000 refugees
  • Spain: 154,000 refugees
  • France: 119,00 refugees

These numbers only include approved and registered refugees. More have entered these countries and begun the process of applying for refuge. In total, at least 7 million Ukrainians have fled their country since February 2022. These refugees are an apart of the temporary protected status program in the United States that provides protection for individuals fleeing from countries like Haiti, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Yemen.


Russian forces have advanced farther west and gained support from Belarus, an ally and close neighbor to Russia. Many major Ukrainian cities have been occupied and many are concerned that the war will progress to countries like Poland which are protected by NAFTA. If Russia attacks a NAFTA nation, it could trigger another world war.

Refuge, Asylum, and Temporary Protected Status

Millions of migrants around the world are fleeing horrifying circumstances in their home countries. Whether they are seeking refuge from persecution, war, natural disasters, or other catastrophes, there are legal options in the American immigration system.

Smith Law Offices, LLC has helped countless clients gain refugee or asylum status and has assisted many individuals with TPS applications. Our firm works tirelessly to support our clients and advocate for their best interests.

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