Attending court can be an intimidating prospect. Knowing how to present yourself in front of a judge and/or jury can help you put your best foot forward and give you the confidence you deserve heading into your case.

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Try and Be Respectful to the Court & Those within It

You may not agree with all the decisions the court makes for your case, or the individual your case is against, but showing respect to those within the courtroom is essential if you want to maximize your chances of getting good results.

Courts will often take the conduct of participants into account when trying to decide how they should resolve a case. As such, it's crucial that you put your best foot forward while in court.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is important. Before continuing, it's important to note that dressing appropriately doesn't have to mean shelling out hundreds of dollars on a nice suit or a haircut. But it does mean doing the best with what you have available.

Try and dress as close to business professional as you can get. For male-identifying individuals, this may mean anything from a suit to khakis and a nice polo - just try and stay away from "casual" clothes such as shorts, t-shirts, ragged clothes, tennis shoes or sandals, etc.

For female-identifying individuals, try and go for the same. Wear what makes you comfortable, whether that's a dress, or something closer to a pants-suit.

The most important thing here is making it clear to the court that you made an effort to present yourself professionally to them, and that you took time and care with your appearance.

Take Care When Navigating Virtual Presentations

Today, many courtroom presentations take place online. If you're going to attend a hearing online, make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with the software you'll be using well ahead of time, whether that's Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or some other video-conferencing platform.

The same rules for dress apply to online presentations - you should ensure that you look presentable and professional. Try and minimize background noise that could show up while you're attending your hearing. Make sure you don't have filters on that obscure the court's vision of you.

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