Divorce is well-known as one of the more complicated legal processes. The emotional and logistical complexities of divorce make having an attorney you can trust by your side even more crucial. Today, we're exploring some tips and tricks that can help you choose an attorney who meets your needs in and out of court.

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Ask How Much Experience They Have with Your Kind of Divorce

Different divorces often require attorneys with different skill sets. For example, not every attorney will have the necessary experience to help clients navigate high-asset divorces where millions of dollars in property is on the line.

Ask prospective attorneys how much experience they have with your kind of case. Their answer should help you determine whether they're the right lawyer for you.

Ask About Their Pricing Model

Different law offices utilize different pricing models. For example, some lawyers may use a flat-fee model where they only charge one fee, one time for their services. Others may charge by the hour.

One kind of pricing model isn't inherently better than the others, but finding a pricing model that fits your budget is important. You may also want to ask your lawyer how much they anticipate a divorce will cost, although don't expect a specific answer - divorce costs vary wildly on a case-by-case basis.

Ask About the Team

Some law firms have a bigger team than others. Understanding who exactly will be working on your case can help you know what to expect throughout your divorce.

Ask About ADR

Utilizing alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) could help you seek a more peaceful outcome in your divorce. If you're interested in ADR, ask an attorney if they can provide it to you or not.

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