Understanding what questions to ask your immigration attorney can help you ensure you work with a lawyer you can trust on your immigration case. Today, we're supplying you with questions you can ask your attorney to make sure they're a good fit for your needs.

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What Experience Do You Have with This Kind of Immigration Case?

Obtaining a Visa or citizenship could change your life. Needless to say, it's not the kind of legal case you want to leave in the hands of an inexperienced attorney.

You should ask your lawyer what kind of experience they have with your kind of case. If possible, ask if you can see some case results from similar immigration cases they've handled, and how long ago those cases occurred. Immigration law changes quickly, so obtaining a lawyer with up-to-date case results is important.

The more questions you have for your attorney, and the more easily they're able to handle them, the easier it will be to trust your attorney and work with them on your case.

What Strategy Would You Recommend for My Case?

Different attorneys have different approaches when it comes to conducting themselves in the courtroom or working through immigration cases.

Asking a potential attorney to come up with a strategy on the fly can help you get a feel for how they'll work with you on your case. Making sure they're a good match for the type of approach you want to take is vital.

What Are My Chances of Success?

Ending your interview with a candid question like "how likely do you think I am to succeed?" Can help you judge an attorney's character. You want someone who will be honest with you, so don't turn down someone who gives you an unfavorable answer if they can back it up with reasons for that opinion.

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