If you are getting a divorce, but have concerns about enduring a messy courtroom battle, there are other options available that will allow for a much more amicable split. Collaborative divorce, if successful, will keep you and your spouse out of court and will likely result in an outcome that is far more agreeable to you than what you might receive if left to a judge’s discretion.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a far less contentious process compared to divorce litigation, which is inherently hostile. If you have children, this would be a great way for you and your spouse to end your marriage without inflicting the sort of emotional wounds that may interfere with your ability to co-parent as a team in the aftermath. You and your spouse, along with your respective attorneys, will negotiate the terms of your divorce decree until you are able to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. As a result, you are both more likely to be satisfied with the outcome.

Here are some additional advantages to choosing collaborative divorce:

  • You can maintain your privacy.
  • Since you will not have to go to court, you and your spouse can set your own schedule, which means you will likely reach a resolution at a much speedier pace.
  • You will still have legal representation to advocate on your behalf and advise you of the best course of action.
  • Since the process is generally faster than divorce litigation, collaborative divorce incurs fewer legal fees. At a time when you may already be under some financial strain, this is a major advantage.
  • It will be easier for your children. No matter how much you try to shield your children from the litigation process, they will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed by the stress it will cause.

Even if you and your spouse are not on the best of terms, working together to dissolve your marriage is in both of your best interests, so try to have an open mind as you move forward.

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If you are considering a divorce, but would like to stay out of court, you should consider collaborative divorce. At Smith Law Offices, LLC, our family law team can guide you through the collaborative divorce process and advise you as you negotiate the terms of your divorce. Our team has over 50 years of collective legal experience and is committed to helping families overcome some of the most sensitive legal issues.

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