Signs Your Marriage is Headed for a Divorce

Every marriage has its troubles, but it can be difficult to tell when it is time to cut the cord and when it is best to stay and try to nurse the relationship back to health. The only person who can truly make that call is you. However, there are some signs you should look out for, which serve as strong indications that your marriage is destined for a divorce.

Recognizing the Signs

If your marriage is hitting a rough patch, you might be asking yourself if it is time to call it quits. Before you make a decision, however, take a moment to truly examine your relationship.

Below is a list of some signs that indicate your marriage is coming to an end:

  • You are unhappy: No one is happy all the time, but if you are in a good relationship, you will be happy most of the time. If your partner is overly critical, unreliable, or lazy, you are probably having a difficult time finding reasons to smile when it comes to your marriage.
  • Your interactions are primarily negative: Once again, it is impossible and unrealistic to be positive at all times. There will always be vexations and arguments, but if most of your interactions are negative, this is a bad sign. Your interactions with your spouse should be positive most of the time.
  • You try to avoid your spouse: Spouses should be happy to see one another. If you sit in your car when you arrive home to avoid spending time with your spouse, this is a terrible sign. Ask yourself why you continuously avoid your spouse and if it is something that can be addressed.
  • Your family and friends believe the relationship should end: Everyone should make their own decisions instead of allowing others to dictate their actions. However, if all of your closest friends and family members despise your spouse and are encouraging you to end it, you might want to pay attention. It is not always easy to be objective when examining your own life, so listen to what they have to say.
  • Your instincts sense something is wrong: If your gut is telling you that the marriage is irreparable, then trust it and consult with a therapist or a close family member. You can discuss the pros and cons of remaining in the relationship and achieve a better understanding of how you should proceed.
  • You live more like roommates: If your marriage barely looks like a marriage and you sleep in separate rooms and essentially lead separate lives, it might be time to make it official.

No one knows your situation as well as you do, so carefully examine your marriage and, if you feel it is time for it to come to an end, speak to a divorce attorney.

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