While a traffic stop is an annoying hindrance for most, it can be life-threatening for undocumented immigrants who face extreme consequences for something as simple as speeding, an unsafe lane change, or a broken headlight. Many undocumented people are picked out on the road, checked, and eventually deported back to their home country in an incredibly hasty and unpleasant process.

There have been countless instances of undocumented immigrants getting pulled over for the most trivial situations, and moving cars are being likened to open targets. Once an undocumented immigrant is pulled over, the police officer can learn the driver’s immigration status with the driver’s license or lack thereof. Many undocumented immigrants are forced to drive without a license in order to commute to work, school, run errands, or even to resolve immediate emergencies, such as going to the hospital or picking up medicine from the pharmacy.

This predicament is a difficult one, as one cannot be a productive member of society if one is not allowed to drive a vehicle, making transportation one of the most complicated of issues many immigrants face. Those in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to legally obtain a driver’s license argue public safety would improve because the immigrants in question would have to pass driving tests and be insured, minimizing risk. Those opposed maintain driver’s licenses are a privilege that undocumented immigrants should not have access to.

What Are My Rights?

Under any circumstance, you have the right to remain silent and we suggest you exercise this right. Passengers can ask present law enforcement if they can exit the vehicle, and if allowed, should leave quietly and calmly. Remember, regardless of your legal status, you have constitutional rights.

If you are an immigrant who was pulled over for a traffic stop and are now facing serious legal issues, we want to fight for you.

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