Child support amounts are usually set by a judge after he or she looks over the financial situation of each parent and the circumstances of what each child from the marriage needs. However, the situation of each parent isn’t static. One parent may lose a job, or another parent may get remarried. If your circumstances change for the worse and you can no longer afford your child support payments, you have a way to alter your child support payment amounts.

Modification of child support is something parents are able to do when they have experienced a dramatic change of situation. For example, if you lose your job, you can no longer afford to send the same amount of child support you could when still employed. This kind of financial situation is easy to prove to a judge. However, you must apply to the court to make the change to your child support payments.

Missouri courts allow you to write a letter including information related to you, your circumstances, the case number given to you by the Family Support Division (FSD) or social security number, the reason for modification, valid contact information, your signature, and the date of the request. If you merely changed job but are earning significantly less, you must prove your circumstances have led to a 20% or more change in income. The letter should be mailed or faxed to the FSD office of the Missouri county in which the original order was registered.

Once FSD receives the request, they will look over the case and determine if the modification is necessary. If so, they will notify both parties of the new presumed amount and both parents will be able to request an administrative hearing if they don’t agree with the new amount. The hearing must be requested within 30 days of getting the notice or the right to the hearing is waived.

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